Infinix Hot Note Review

Infinix Hot Note Review

Boost your life with an endless possibilities with your Infinix Hot Note, (The smasher). The wait is finally over and you can have your Infinix Hot Note-X551 with a heap many better features and fresh technology based modules embedded inside a smartphone cum fablet. Launched with a broad variety of features that enhances both your viewing as well as your usage experience. The device has been kept with a very low price that the other smartphone manufacturers may neither believe nor handle the shock. Yes! kept with a price as low as Rs: 12900/=, the device has a lot many interesting features inside. Go ahead for the overall features in “Infinix Hot Note Review”.

Salient Features of Infinix Hot Note


Camera is one the most favorite choices in a smartphone and users do look for it in top priority. Infinix Hot Note-X551 features dual cams discussed below.

  • Rear Camera:

Infinix Hot Note-X551 is a sleek and slender device that has been featured with a true 8MP rear camera that enhances the attraction from the users point of view. The big display of 5.5 inches enhances the brightness and colors of the 8 MP rear camera with its 3840 x 1280 pixel dimensions. The size of its image in a perfect day light reaches to about 2 MB.

  • Front Camera:

Infinix Hot Note-X551 has a small selfie cam at the right side of the speaker at the top of the smartphone. The power of the front camera is 2 MP and the dimensions are 1920 x 1088 pixels that better suits for social media chats and for saving your memories with your loving ones at the precious moments of life. The size of its front cam in a bright day reaches to about 600 KB. Consult the slender smartphone along with its rear cam in its ON position in the image below.

Infinix Hot Note Review

Display and Design:

The viewing experience is enhanced with the enhancement of your phone’s display. Infinix Hot Note X551 features a huge screen of 5.5 inches HD capacitive display that keeps you smiling and entertaining throughout. Navigation through different applications over the screen is different. The colors are rich and contrast that makes live images with their true feelings. The display size is 720 x 1280 pixels. The driver for the GPU is Mali-450 MP. Although the battery is large and huge, yet it is the sleekest and lightest device within its category with a bogy weight of 172g and breadth of 8.9mm. The grey brown color with its patterned back cover makes the device a rock star.


With a huge size like a fablet and a huge screen of 5.5 inches, the device also gets huge memory of 1GB that makes it fluent and smooth with efficient speed and power. The internal storage is 16 GB that makes you feel free in snapping your live events with its 8 MP rear camera and you can also save media and multimedia within your smartphone using the WiFi or 3G internet.


Generally the tablets do have a very low memory and low speeded processor that keeps them stuck and slow most of the times. The processor of Infinix Hot Note X551 in something else. Powered with a 1.4 GHz Octa core processor with chip set MT6592 and technology of Media Tek, the execution and operations are too fast and gets a better position over the Antutu bench marking application globally.


Battery is another feature with in the users interest and Infinix Hot Note X551 is No.1 with this. The technology been used for the battery is Li-ion and the total capacity of the battery is 4000 mAh that keeps your Infinix flowing for days. The snapshot below has been taken from the battery of Infinix Hot Note X551. The straight line in the image shows the standby duration that shows almost a complete parallel line revealing that the battery is consumed with very low rate. The abrupt change in the graph shows the battery’s performance been checked with multiple testing apps and games.

Infinix Hot Note Review


Infinix Hot Note X551 is 3G enabled. The device is also loaded with WiFi, 2G and 3G featured hardware tools. Another feature is that you can surf 3G internet with both SIM ports. You can share videos, make video calls, update frequent statuses and be in touch with your closed ones with your Infinix Hot Note X551 in an easy way.

Experiencing the external interface for Infinix Hot Note Review:

The box has nearly all the information that a user wants to know about a device. It contains all branded gadgets that consists of USB cable for transferring data and charge within. A hands free that is has relatively better quality sound and the ear pieces completely covers the inner of your ears providing a one-to-one relation with the ear drum and the speakers itself. 1.3 Amp charger for a frequent charge.

The size of the device is big though, we can take it as its pro for containing a 5.5 inch display and 4000 mAh battery fitted with in a sleek and slender casing.

Experience the different dimensions of Infinix Hot Note:

Experience the different angles and dimensions and be aware of the plugs and ports for USB cable, a 3.5 mm pin jack for ear phones, power and volume buttons at the right sides.

Experiencing the Internal Interface for Infinix Hot Note Review:

The first two snapshots show the notification drop down menu. The other two snapshots show the general layouts, also called the home screens.

Below images show:

  • The storage area containing the system available storage and total space.
  • The second snapshot shows the general layout for dial pad. (standards followed)
  • The third snapshot shows the keyboard and the suggested words while writing a message.

Bench marking Infinix Hot Note with standard apps for its performance:

This is one of the most crucial things and users always search for the bench marking and performance of a device is quite good, efficient and fast.

Antutu’s approach in Infinix Hot Note Review:

Octa core processors do provide better results and better performance. Infinix Hot Note scores over 28 thousands that proves its performance, effectiveness & reliability. Have a look at the snapshots below for the results.

Vellamo’s slant in Infinix Hot Note Review:

The results for browser, single core and multi-core all have been given in different snapshots and the ratings are done after been bench marked.

Checking the graphics with GPU Bench mark in Infinix Hot Note Review:

Scores over 10000 are better scores with GPU bench marking tool which is a Graphical Processing Unit testing application. The second snapshot is has been given for comparison and we have compared our device with QMobile Noir i12 in “Infinix Hot Note Review”.

Gaming Zone for Infinix Hot Note Review

Games can be played with your Infinix Hot Note X551 with full swing and support as the device is powered by a 1.4 GHz Octa core processor and Octa core processors are very fast in playing games with full execution and loading speed. The 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM further enhances the efficiency and processing speed. Last but not the least is the battery and Infinix Hot Note has a high power battery with 4000 mAh capacity that runs for long and gives better charge to the processor, RAM and other circuitry that provides better results with speed and efficiency in turn. The following games have been played with better results. We also have included another game with better graphics and frames.

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You may have seen a smartphone with better specifications and better features but you might not have seen a smartphone like Infinix Hot Note with better specs and better features with in the price range of just 12 to 13 thousand rupees. Infinix Hot Note Review makes you clear with the facts about the device that the device is far more better than the others with high specs and low price. In short there won’t be any competitor in the national market for some time and Infinix Hot Note will be having the full authority to rule the market till the record of low price is broken by another brand.


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  • Its good in case of batter but app performance is mediocre and many apps stop working or close due to errors even when I have its pro version (with 2 GB Ram) also you are unable to update its software to Android Lollipop. I do not recommend this phone for gaming but for general use, this phone is good, specially in areas where there are load shedding issues, this phone will deliver good battery timings.

  • What’s Good: Long Battery Time. super fast charging. decent camera. internal memory is quite enough. Dual Sim. smooth Touch. doesn’t hang(quick multi-tasking).

    What’s Not Good: Sound quality and loudness has decreased just a bit. no led light display for notifications, charging and home button(s). 1gb ram for octa-core is low but for normal users its okay. vulnerable to scratches and dents (handle with care).

    Rare Issue:
    I have been using this phone since a month. Its really good with that price. But I have been recently getting this issue about the phone charging. After using my phone for two days, I kept my phone on charging and after couple of hours or so, it was around 80% charged. Strange because it only used to take 1 and a half hour or less to charge fully.
    Does anyone have noticed any such problem or something else? please share.

      • It depends on person’s choice I hve grey and black and all my cousins hve white and gold.. both have thr own grace… bt I think the grey and black is pretty decent for males

      • Depends on choice, White and gold looks elegant but is mostly preferred by ladies. Black gives a brushed metal look though it is made of plastic.

    • We do appreciate your effort. It was a big mistake that has been corrected. Thanks 🙂

      • Now its 2GB ram version is available called hotnote pro with 1 thousand rupees more price

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