Innovating for a New Era: Samsung’s Focus for CES 2022

CES 2022 is just two short weeks away. Samsung hosted its pre-show keynote held under the theme ‘Together for Tomorrow’. The world underwent a period of significant change since last year. Samsung had to re-examine its relationship with its consumers and re-prioritize the things they care about most. Samsung found greater value in “togetherness,” especially bringing family and friends closer.


In this new era, Samsung has found that innovation can no longer be a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Customized devices and personalized spaces are more important now than ever. So are the connections and experiences the technologies enable. Samsung’s experience at home has become so much more important, and technologies are no longer just helpful tools but true lifelines to families, friends, and hobbies.


This reality has strengthened Samsung’s commitment to creating new and meaningful experiences for its customers. It has led Samsung to explore better ways to bring its devices more closely together, for improved connectivity and customization. Samsung believes that their devices should reflect their consumers’ lifestyle, their passions, and their personal tastes, from the smartphones in their hand to their appliances and screens. And by working together seamlessly, Samsung should make their life easier, so their customers can do more of the things they love.


Therefore, earlier this month, Samsung announced a major change in its organization, one aimed at strengthening synergies between its different products and services. Under this new structure, all its consumer electronics, from TVs and home appliances to mobile devices, will come under one larger roof, coherent with its vision to create meaningful experiences through innovation.


And of course, Samsung’s vision for the future is not just about connecting devices. Re-connecting with the planet and leaving a positive impact is an integral part of Samsung’s plan. As the world leader in consumer electronics, Samsung has a responsibility to protect its environment and build a better future. Its innovation leadership needs to be matched with its leadership in “sustainable innovation” as well.


Samsung is very excited to embark on this new journey and looks forward to sharing more in the months to come.


For starters, Samsung plans to share a glimpse of the direction that they are taking at the upcoming CES 2022. Here is a quick preview of what they will be announcing then:



Creating Customized Experiences

Samsung’s culture of innovation is rooted in pushing limits and breaking barriers. Now, Samsung is innovating for a new age, where technologies are flexible and adaptable to its consumers. At CES, people will see its latest innovations and experiences – including products that give consumers the freedom to watch TV from anywhere and turn any space into a landscape or a piece of art. The gaming experience will become even simpler, more immersive, and hassle-free. And because everyone has its own unique personal taste and lifestyle, Samsung wants to empower its users to customize their devices based on what matters to them most.



Powering Seamless Connectivity

Samsung envisions a world where technology is customized to every consumer’s lifestyle and needs, and one way to achieve this is through seamless connectivity. At CES, Samsung will share more about its collaboration with industry experts and partners to create a truly enhanced connected experience. Because Samsung believes that a secure and open ecosystem is what provides the best experience for its customers, offering them the freedom to design experiences that best suit their unique lifestyle. In addition, Samsung will also introduce a new solution that helps its consumers better integrate all their smart home devices.



Reimagining a Better Planet

This is an important moment for the planet. Protecting it is everyone’s job. Samsung is infusing sustainability into everything it does, from the chips that power their products to the consumer experience on the devices themselves. At CES, Samsung will share more about how it is making meaningful updates in the innovation process that enables consumers to make these changes, too in their everyday lives. Plus, Samsung will share new ways that they are working with partners for unique sustainability solutions.


It’s time to evolve products and experiences to better fit the needs of a new generation of users. As Samsung champions an ecosystem of inclusive and connected technology, the brand looks forward to sharing how it has been inspired by the people, values and lifestyles that create its global community, and how it can continue to support them through people-first programs and innovation.

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