Innovation: New Self-Healing Plastic Reforms Cracked Phones for You

You bought a brand new phone or any gadget but soon after a few days it fell down and broke the screen or broke itself into many tiny pieces. What a heart wrenching moment it will be. No no, this thing will not hurt you any more. Yes you heard right its now recoverable due to the self-healing plastic. Now say Good Bye Broken Phones by Self Healing Plastic.

Innovation: New Self-Healing Plastic Reforms Cracked Phones for You and you can recover your broken phone

There comes a unique family of plastics now to overcome such disasters through their unique properties of healing themselves and joining the broken parts to one single part once again. Its a chemical catalyst when heated it wipes away all the damage ever done to the phone or plastic material. A materials scientist at the ESCPI Institute in Paris,  Ludwik Liebler, has invented Vitrimers at the MArie Curie’s School of Radioactivity. He also won the 2015 inventors award.

Liebler, who was inspired by the shape-shifting ways of the T-1000 in ‘Terminator 2’ says that:

[pull_quote_center]We think that the first applications will be in transport, in cars, in planes, in all the applications you have that need toughness, for repair and increasing durability of your objects.[/pull_quote_center]

The latest plastic invention is composed of two plastic species when combined together and heated they retain their original shape. The two plastics are

  1. Thermoplastics are malleable when heated but become fixed in a solid shape when cooled, and cannot be reformed.
  2. Thermosets are rigid and retain their form even when heated.

Liebler further says about vitrimers that

[pull_quote_center]The vitrimers can have both of the two worlds, but they are fundamentally different. They combine this permanent network, resistance, dimensional stability with the possibility of being malleable, (and) completely recyclable.[/pull_quote_center]

Hope to see these plastic soon in our very own Smartphones and other gadgets as well.

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