Inovi Opens a Mobile Assembling Plant in Karachi

Yesterday, Inovi technologies held the opening ceremony of the factory in the Karachi. Since the past couple of years, Inovi has also established the state of the art mobile assembling and manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Now, the company has inaugurated a mobile Assembling and Manufacturing plant in karachi, Pakistan.

The core objective of Inovi Telecom is to provide employment opportunities for the people. Furthermore, their vision is to export their own manufactured devices across the globe which will eventually benefit the country.

Inovi Opens a Mobile Assembling Plant in Karachi

INOVI Technologies (previously known as Javed Electronic) was incorporated in 1995 with aim of providing the quality products and services to its customers. The company made a soft start with only one business unit of Sony i.e RME (Recording Media and Energy).

The company made a promise during the inauguration of a mobile Assembling and Manufacturing plant in karachi that “we will make Pakistan proud”

The company has planned to assemble all their transition brands such as Infinix and iTel. The aim of the company is to provide the skilled jobs to all the reputable institutes especially to the Engineering, IT and Networking Sector. This will not only create work opportunities for our people but also will help in the developing setup and benchmark standards all over the country.

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