Instagram Adds Age Verification Option to Block Sensitive Content for Minors

Instagram has confirmed that it will ask users to fill up their data of birthday. These guidelines might be ignored by users, but the social media giant tries to make it a compulsion to use Instagram. These suggestions are set to estimate how old everyone is on Instagram and to restrict sensitive content from appearing on their feed to young people. Instagram believes that this information section is being developed for safety of young people.

Instagram Sensitive Content

Recently, Instagram states that when users will open the app, they will ask for their birthdate. This problem will be especially for people who did not previously give their date of birth. Instagram will be displaying a notification to these users at the top of their feed a few times and if the site does not have a specific birthday data of user, then user need to share the notification to keep using the app, claims by Instagram.

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Instagram Adds Age Verification Option to Block Sensitive Content for Minors

In addition, Instagram will ask you for your birthdate before a post-viewing if users view warning displays in their posts. This was not before since visitors were only able to click “See Video” or “See Image” at the bottom of the warning and can view restricted material. If we move forward, all users who did not reveal their birthdate will instead see a button ‘Confirm Your Age.’ Then Instagram will show the material to users according to their age, for minors sensitive content will be blocked for them. This new workaround is designed to block access to age-based material.

Instagram Sensitive Content

Instagram also works on calculating with artificial intelligence that how old a person uses the account. This innovative technology recognizes users who have to enter their birthdate wrongly and then invites them to check their correct age.

All these steps are implemented to make a more secure young people’s Instagram experience. Instagram aims to give the proper age group experience and restrict some types of sensitive material for young people. Instagram recently implemented new features that barred adults from sending messages to those under 18 years of age who do not follow them.

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