Instagram Adds Recommended Posts in Main Feed

Instagram is continuously working on introduction of new features for its users . It is in the news that Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will recommend posts for you based on the activity of the accounts you follow. Instagram is now going to start showing “recommended” posts in your main feed. You will see “Recommended For You” on certain posts which will be populated based on posts liked by the accounts that you follow. Instagram Adds Recommended Posts in Main Feed.

Instagram has started experimenting with new feature recommended posts earlier this month. These posts will show up in timeline. They will not from people that you are currently follow.

Instagram Adds Recommended Posts in Main Feed

Previously, the social network has used a system to show recommended content to users before, so users needed to click over to the Explore section before being presented with the posts. But under the new system the posts will show up in normal feed.

Instagram is continuously introducing new features to amuse its users. Most recently it has launched an amazing feature which allows users to follow hashtag instead of only people. Through this feature users will be able to follow interest like food, travel ideas etc.

Users have choice to follow a hashtag or the new recommended . But if users choose to follow a hashtag, they can’t get rid of recommended posts. The best what can they do is to hide it temporarily.

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