Instagram Creator Account will Offer Special Feature for Politicians & Celebrities

All the tech apps keep on launching new features to facilitate their users. Sometimes some features are launched for a really good purpose which surely wins hearts. Just recently, Instagram has launched a new feature for visually impaired users who previously found difficulty in using the app. Keeping in view that these people are in minority, not all online apps are launching feature for minorities of the society. Now the Facebook-owned company Instagram is testing new Creator Accounts that will allow high profile people like Politicians and celebrities to filter direct messages. In this way, they will be able to offer in-depth analytics of the follower counts. Instagram Creator Account is tested for a small group of people as soon as its testing will be successful, it will be rolled out to more accounts.

Instagram Creator Account is Tested with new Features

Instagram creator account has come with various new feature out of which the best one is for direct messages.  With this feature, the influential and high profile people will have the ability to set a limit that who can contact them. This makes sense as high profile people are usually very busy so abundant of messages are quite disturbing for them.

With this creator account, people with blue ticks will be able to access data like how many people are following or unfollowing their accounts. Twitter also had launched such a feature for celebrities in order to give them a controlled effect over the app in order to give them improving experience on Instagram.

A few months back, Instagram launched a new feature to show support for people who are struggling with substance abuse, drug addiction and other health issues. Now Instagram hashtags will help people struggling with Opioid abuse. It seems like Instagram really care for people with disabilities.

Let’s see when this feature will be rolled out to more people.

Fizza Atique

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