Instagram False Information Labels will Prevent Fake News from Going Viral

This world of internet is full of security lapses and every now and then we come across many issues that are related to our privacy. The ever-growing applications have worsened the situation, thanks to their contracts with a third-party app. If I say we are not safe anywhere and are being chased all the time, I won’t be wrong.  This century is full of technological interventions and the upcoming year 2020, is called the digital year with the blooming IoTs and Artificial technology. However the privacy situation is getting worse with every passing day, and now apps are trying to take actions to stop the lapses from their side. In an attempt to provide a better app usage environment to people, Instagram has incorporated new measures to prevent false information from going viral named Instagram False Information Labels.

Instagram False Information Labels are New Thing to Fight Fake News

The photos sharing app has added a “false information” labels to prevent posts that are exposed by Facebook’s fact-checkers. These labels will roll out next month and it will appear on posts in stories and Instagram’s main feed. In order to view the original posts, users will have to click “See Post”.

If users will try to share posts that are previously debunked, Instagram will warn them not to share it. The users will see a notice before their posts go live on the app, in this case they will be able to share the posts with their followers however it will carry, “False information Label”.

For sure, no one would like their posts to be shared with such label, in such way spread of fake and false news will be stopped.

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Fizza Atique

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