Instagram has Now 1 Billion Users

Instagram has announced during the press event that it now has 1 billion users worldwide. Last year in September, it had 800 million users. It means it has added an additional 200 million users in just under a year.


The Instagram app launched in 2010, but it is now one of the most famous social networks. It is now the fourth Facebook-owned app.

Instagram Gains 1 Billion Users

So now we can say that Instagram is giving a tough time to it’s rivals on social networks as Twitter has 336million users and Snapchat is believed to have somewhere near to 300million users.

Instagram’s userbase over the years:

  • October 2010 – Instagram launched
  • December 2010 – 1million
  • June 2011 – 5million
  • September 2011 – 10million
  • April 2012 – 30million
  • July 2012 – 80million
  • February 2013 – 100million
  • June 2013 – 130million
  • September 2013 – 150million
  • December 2014 – 300million
  • September 2015 – 400million
  • June 2016 – 500million
  • December 2016 – 600million
  • April 2017 – 700million
  • September 2017 – 800million
  • May 2018 – 1billion

To attract more users, Instagram has made a number of important changes over the past few years. Instagram story is one of it amazing features, which keeps engage people to this platform and they share their everyday activity by uploading stories.

Instagram also added an amazing feature earlier in this year called shopping functionality, which made it possible to buy items directly through the app. Instagram is rolling out a new feature an Instagram television.

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