Instagram in 2022: What’s new for the Instagrammars

Adam Mosseri spoke out 2022 priorities

The company CEO Adam Mosseri promised that Instagram in 2022 will “rethink what Instagram is.” Mosseri stated in a video released on Twitter that in the New Year resolution, Instagram will focus on greater transparency and diversity, among other things. He didn’t mention any of the recent issues that have rocked Instagram and its parent company, Meta (formerly known as Facebook).


More Videos

We’re going to focus even more on video now because we’re no longer simply a photo-sharing app, and we’re going to combine all of our video formats under Reels and keep growing that product,” he said.


More Monetization Tools

Instagram in 2022 will add more monetization options to help creators make a livelihood, according to Mosseri. In addition, Mosseri stated that in 2022, Instagram would focus on messaging (as it is likely the most common form of online communication) and transparency.

More User Control

Mosseri also discusses the features that Instagram implemented this year to give users greater control over their feeds and profiles in the video. Controls to censor sensitive information, a ‘hidden like count’ tool, and a ‘limits’ feature are among them.

Instagram in 2021 hasn’t exactly had a smooth ride. W work on the Instagram Kids app has been halted due to safety concerns.

Nayab Khan

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