Instagram Introduces Comment Controls

For the first time, Instagram has introduced a feature that allows users with a public profile to choose who can comment on their posts. Instagram Introduces Comment Controls.

With the new tool, Instagrammers can keep comments open to everyone or just to certain groups. For example, public profiles can be adjusted so that only followers can comment. The new Instagram comments options allow users to limit comments to accounts they follow, accounts following them, or both.

Instagram Introduces Comment Controls

Although the feature is designed for public Instagram accounts, but the users with private accounts are also able to block specific users from commenting on posts.

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Instagram is currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind only Facebook (unless you count YouTube), and marketers are falling more in love with the platform. It’s done a phenomenal job of attracting younger audiences. Due to this latest security feature, Instagram will definitely further increase its followers!

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