Instagram Introduces Type Mode to Add text-only Posts in Stories

Instagram is kept on introducing new and exciting features to its stories. Now Instagram Introduces Type Mode to Add text-only Posts in Stories. Now make your stories more attractive. This new feature was available in some regions already. Now the company has decided to launch it worldwide.

Instagram Introduces Type Mode to Add text-only Posts in Stories

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The new mode is available when you open Instagram’s camera feature. You will see “Type” next to “Normal” under the record button. Then simply tap on the “Type” option to start writing whatever you want for your story post. You can customize that post with a variety of colored backgrounds, along with different choices for fonts and sizes. You can also highlight specific words or phrases in your post. There’s also the option of adding a photo to the Type Mode background.

You can use different new fonts and styles to express what you felt right after your activities. The new styles can also be used regular posts as well, pictures and videos alike. Keep in mind ‘Type’ posts are a part of your story and as such disappear after 24 hours.

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