Instagram is No Longer a Photo Sharing App

Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram has said that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. Adam Mosseri in his Instagram and Twitter accounts have posted that after the success of its competitors YouTube and TikTok the company wants to dive further deep into the entertainment and video side. Adam Mosseri explains some of the expected changes and experiments in which Instagram will indulge, are giving the topic recommendations of those they are not following and a full-screen experience of video.  Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app 2

New Features of Instagram

The new control will allow users to add specific topics that interest them in their suggested posts and the snooze option snoozes the recommendations for 30 days from the feed entirely. The feature has so far offered additional content only after all the notifications have been seen of the people followed. At the same time, people might prefer to just see the posts from the people they follow, especially if that group is small.

 Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app1

The initial image instilled in the minds i.e. “square photo-sharing app” Instagram wants to change that and its very clearly conveying it. Mosseri wants to upgrade the users perception from a general entertainment app driven by algorithms and videos. Currently its not clear how Instagram plans on achieving it and also with this advancement will it be improved and innovated on features popularized by apps like TikTok or just making something with a few Facebook-y tweaks.

This move also feels like part of a bigger trend in which platforms attempt to give users a pretense of control over the algorithm. Tinder also announced a feature where users could swipe only on people with certain interests, for example a first for the company. Although algorithms are powerful enough to know what people’s interests are and what keeps them engaged, letting people select what they want to see might make them feel more empowered and give them greater understanding into why they see what they do. The app can feel less creepy while also keeping them interested, a win-win for companies.

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