Instagram Launches QR Codes Globally

Instagram keeps on bringing new features on and off for customers. This time Instagram is bringing QR codes for the app. Now users will be able to generate QR codes on Instagram that will scannable from a third-party camera app. This feature was launched in Japan, and the basic idea behind this feature is that businesses can generate QR code and their customers can scan it to open their accounts easily.

Instagram Launches QR Codes Globally

By using this QR code, customers can see the store hours, buy items, and can also follow the account.

How to Generate QR code?

One can generate this QR code by going to settings from the menu on your profile and tap on QR code. There will be a Nametag available that will later on turn to QR code. This image can be saved and shared in the form of an image as well.

Instagram previously incorporated the Nametags feature which was internal QR line codes however they were only able to be scanned from the Instagram camera. Now the same feature is extended for third party apps camera.

There are other social media giants including Twitter, Facebook,  Snapchat, Spotify, and many others have already incorporated the QR codes feature. However, during a pandemic when most of the businesses are confused about what to do, Instagram has come up with a more open QR system.

Most of the hotels are using QR codes to showcase their menus for users instead of giving them physical menus. Now people will be easily using Instagram cameras and third-party app cameras to access useful information.

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