Instagram Live is now more like Zoom, here’s a new feature

Instagram live is releasing a new feature today that allows users to create joint livestreams with up to four people, enabling you to broadcast your community video chat to the entire world.

The functionality, dubbed Live Rooms, increases the number of accounts that can participate in an Instagram Live from two to four. So it’s close to Zoom, except it’s public and limited to four participants.


Instagram Live Now Welcomes More People With 'Rooms' - Eminetra South Africa

Starting a Live Room is similar to starting a Live. Swipe left, give it a title, and then click the Rooms icon to invite others. You don’t really have to add them all at once or at the beginning, so you might potentially go full talk show host and drop someone’s ex into the middle of a conversation.

This appears to be the most attention-grabbing usage for a multi-user Instagram livestream out of all the choices.

Unfortunately, Live Room has a few drawbacks that keep you from causing havoc and harming people. Anyone who has been blocked by one of the Live participants will be unable to enter it, and anyone who has been excluded from Live due to a violation of the Group Guidelines will be unable to join any Live Room.

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