Instagram New Update Could Bring a slo-mo Feature, a Mute Button and More

Instagram is kept on introducing a new feature for its users to make the app more convenient and user friendly. According to some reports, Instagram new update will bring four features. Lets discuss all these features one by one.


Instagram New Update will bring Four Features to Make the App more interesting

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One is Story Reactions, including Quick Reactions. The other feature that Instagram will bring is Mute Button. According to some rumors, Instagram users will soon be able to mute certain accounts that they follow. The users will not get the posts from muted followers. Moreover, that account is not unfollowed or blocked. More interestingly people who are muted will never know about it.

The third feature that Instagram will bring is a slo-mo feature for its in-app camera. Surely, this feature will be interesting for those whose phones have not this feature. The fourth feature that Instagram is testing a Stories archive using a calendar view. Currently, the archive is available in a grid form which is not the easiest way for Instagram members to find their older stories.

All these features that we mentioned are based on rumors. We are not sure about these features. Instagram has also not confirmed any of the feature. But we hope that in the Instagram new update we will get all or some of these features.

In the last update, Instagram introduced “New Posts” button. This button will let you choose when you want to refresh your news feed. So instead of automatically refreshing the page, users can refresh the page when they desire.

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