Instagram non- SMS Two- Factor Authentication to Thwart SIM Hackers

Hackers can steal your phone numbers by reassigning them to different SIM cards. They can use your number to reset your passwords. Even though they can steal your Instagram and other accounts. Instagram accounts are vulnerable because the app only offers two-factor authentication through SMS. So, the privacy of a user is more likely to be at a risk due to hacking. In order to overcome these issues Instagram is working on non- SMS Two Factor Authentication. Instagram non- SMS two- factor authentication system will work with security apps like Google Authenticator or Duo.

Instagram non- SMS two- factor authentication

This non-SMS two-factor authentication system works by generating a special code that you need to log in. This code can’t be generated on a different phone in case your number is ported to a hacker’s SIM card. This can reduce the hacking problems for sure because code generation can only be done using your own phone.

While talking about the revealed screenshots, an Instagram spokesperson stated that:

“We’re continuing to improve the security of Instagram accounts, including strengthening 2-factor authentication.”

This non- SMS 2FA was much needed because SIM porting has become a very common problem nowadays. Hackers typically call a mobile carrier and use social engineering tactics to convince them that they’re you. In addition to that, they change your number to a SIM card that they control. So, these security improvements are very important to cope up issues like hacking.

Hopefully, more apps will introduce non-SMS 2FA when people will get awareness about this hacking technique. It is the responsibility of mobile providers to make it tougher to port numbers so that users can safeguard their accounts. Authenticator apps and pin codes are much-needed things in the modern era where our identities and assets are increasingly going digital.

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