Instagram now Allows Users to Share Posts in Stories

Instagram now made it easy for you to share and highlight the pictures and videos in stories that you see in your feed. Instagram has announced it on Thursday, that now users can share someone else’s Instagram post to their own story.

Now Instagram Lets Users to Share Posts in Stories

This new re-sharing feature also allows users to add their own commentary and can also tag others in the shared Instagram post.

Here is how to share the post on Instagram story:

Users can share stories by tapping the same paper airplane above a post in their feed similar to how they would send a post through a direct message. Now, they will find there an additional option to create a story instead. Instagram posts share to stories now becomes a sticker that users can rearrange, resize, and place on customizable backgrounds before posting. This new option also allows anyone looking at your story to see the original username of poster and visit their Instagram page.

However, keeping in mind the privacy of users, there is a limit on the new feature. You are allowed to re-share posts only from a public Instagram account. There is also an option to opt out of the feature if in case you are not willing that other people share your posts in their Instagram stories.

This social platform has been working to expand Stories in the past few weeks, such as the additions of multi-shot uploads, posting from other apps and hints of soundtrack support.

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