Instagram Profile Redesign Prioritizes Users Instead of Follower Count

Today Instagram announced that the company is testing its new user’s profile layouts. In a few weeks, we will be able to see different rearranged features at the top of your profile that includes different icons, buttons and different way of navigating between tabs. Instagram Profile Redesign mainly concentrate on Users Rather Than Their Follower Count.

Instagram Profile Redesign- What’s New

The redesign also includes changes to follower counts and it appears to be de-emphasized, as they will now not be present at the top of your profile and are in a much smaller font.  All the social media apps keep on making changes to their apps. Just recently, Twitter made some changes to its iOS app with the goal of prioritizing meaningful conversation on the platform instead of focusing on the user base.

Instagram Profile Redesign Prioritizes Users Instead of Follower Count

On Business accounts, the “Follow” and “Message” buttons are placed together. IN Instagram Redesign, one will be able to see their mutual followers upon tapping on a user’s Following tab. The grid, posts, and tagged photos icons are now written out. IGTV will get its own separate tab.

A few days back, Instagram also announced that it is striving to remove the fake activity from its app. Now Instagram Fake likes and Follows will be removed from those accounts that use the third party services to get more engagement will be removed for violating Instagram community Guideline and terms & conditions.  This change in the third party policy was announced today.


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