Instagram Stories Now Lets Users to Upload Multiple Photo and Video at Once

Recently Instagram has announced the new feature that allows users to share multiple photos and videos on stories at once. Users can still edit their photos and videos individually. Users will also get location tagging suggestions based on where the photo was captured, when uploading photos and videos to Instagram stories.

Before this new feature if someone wanted to post multiple photos or videos to your Instagram stories, they would have to go through the long process for each photo and video. Now, Android users will find a new icon in the top right corner of the screen. When they tap on this icon, the phone’s gallery will display and they will be able to select up to 10 photos and videos.

Instagram Stories Now Allows you to Share Multiple Photo and Video at Once

Once the users select the media, they will see a preview of all photos and videos together. Plus users will also enjoy to add stickers, text, and other decorations to each photo before uploading everything.

According to a press release:

The update will allow anyone with connectivity issues — or anyone who is simply a perfectionist about their ‘gram — to preview their entire Story prior to posting.

This new feature to share several photos and videos to post at once is very easy. It saves time in several situations. This feature must be good choice for them who treat their Instagram stories like their personal documentary.

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