Instagram Stories to Generate More Revenue

Two years back, Instagram introduced ads in stories. According to an estimate from Nomura analyst Mark Kelley, this year, it could generate over $2 billion in revenue for Facebook. Instagram, basically stole the story feature from SnapChat.

Instagram Stories to Generate More Revenue

According to the analysts, Snap’s revenue is expecting to come in around $1.5 billion in 2019, that is 30% more from last year. For 2019, the goal of Snap is to reaccelerate revenue growth but its first-quarter outlook calls are declining in the top-line growth rate.

The growth in Instagram’s stories is already giving a tough time to SnapChat. Instagram Stories are ridiculously fun. Recently, Facebook CFO Dave Wehner has reported that both the news feed and the Instagram feed are getting overloaded with ads. There is simply no more space to increase the number of ads anymore.  By adding more adds in those areas will decline the interest of the users. Well, it is to be expected that Instagram will increase the price of feed ads.

In Instagram Stories, users are able to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. As we mentioned before that the feature looks much like Snapchat Stories that was introduced in 2013 but is getting more popular among the users.

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