Instagram Takes Further Steps to Filter Abusive DM Requests

Social media has made our life easier however it has also opened doors to some unwelcomed guests that keep on sending offensive messages to us. While every social media platform has such people who keep on sending hateful and unwanted messages to others, Instagram is at the top due to its excessive usage. The photo-sharing app has taken many steps in past to stop it but it is not easy. Instagram DMs usually have many messages from people that have never messaged or followed you before.  Such hateful comments/messages only poses danger to one’s mental health and it needs to stop. In an effort to block such abusive DM requests, Instagram has come forward and has taken new steps.

Instagram’s blog post has revealed its plans regarding the prevention of such acts and how the company will be restricting people from seeing such hateful DMs. To cater these issues, Instagram will be filtering a list of keywords and emojis developed in collaboration with leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations.

DM requests having these phrases or emojis will be filtered automatically. It will also be asking for offensive words from you so that it can easily filter the specified words. This feature is rolling out to chunks and once you have received it, you can find the options related to it in the Privacy Settings called “Hidden Words”.

The filter DM requests will show up in a separate hidden requests folder. The message text of such abusive DM will be cover and users will only be able to see it upon tapping on the message. Upon tapping it you will be given an option to accept, deleted, or report the DM request.

As a part of this blocking campaign, Instagram has made it difficult for blocked users to contact you.  When you will block a user, Instagram will give you an option to block new accounts that the user creates in order to contact you. The platform has not revealed that how it will come to know if the same user has created an account but it’s a good effort.

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Fizza Atique

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