Instagram Threads app to Shut Down next month

Instagram launched the threads app in 2019 with the goal of making conversation easier and swift for close friends and family. This platform focused on sending and receiving messages and there was no other specialty offered by it. While the basic thinking behind the Instagram Threads app was good, but it couldn’t get popular among Instagram users due to which we finally have to weave it Goodbye. Yes, Meta has announced that this app will discontinue by the beginning of December.

While Instagram allows users to connect with friends through stories and Instagram Direct, it seems someone gave the wrong idea to the company if launching a separate app to make people communicate with their close friends. Even Instagram allows users to talk to their friends via direct messages because of which many users have refrained from downloading and using a separate app to get connected to their friends and family.

This decision didn’t go well as planned. Since the company has changed its name and has even rebranded it, it is also reconsidering all its products and the revenue generated from them.

Instagram Threads App is getting discontinued and won’t be available from December

Now users will start receiving messages from November 23 regarding the discontinuation of this app. Some of the users who were actually using threads will be redirected to the main Instagram App when they try to send messages through the platform.

Both Android and iOS users will start seeing the notices of the app shutdown and Instagram’s Help Center will also display a notification that Threads will no longer be supported. All the features that were offered in Threads will be available on the main app by the end of this year.

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