Instagram Videos Duration will Soon be Extended to an Hour

Instagram keeps on launching new features for its users to build their interest in the app. Many people had left Facebook and shifted to photo sharing app, Instagram. Many loved it but demanded Insta to allow users to post long videos instead of few minutes one. Now Instagram Videos Duration will Soon be Extended to an Hour.

News Instagram Videos Duration will be loved by it’s Users

Instagram is trying to go away with the video length limitation. This news feature was revealed by The Wall Street Journal which published a report regarding this new feature that will allow users to long video clips up to an hour. This feature will build more creativity of users and will bring the Instagram closer in line with YouTube and its own parent company Facebook.

However, this is a tentative plan so there is a possibility that Instagram will change its mind and leave users with same short videos on its platform.

The new feature, if launched will focus on vertical video. Instagram stories are already designed that tall, with the vertical video format. The report about this new feature of Instagram doesn’t reveal whether the longer video will be permitted in that section of the app or also allowed in the main feed.

Presently, Instagram users can only record stories to a length of 15 seconds and videos in the main feed can run up to  60 seconds. Now let’s see whether photo sharing app will launch this feature or not.

The Stories feature had over 300 million daily users being active in final November. Instagram it self-features over 800 million people. The company has “in recent weeks” held discussions with potential partners (content designers and publishers) about the probability of creating a video this is certainly longer-form.

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