Instagram will Soon Block Hashtags with Vaccines Misinformation

Instagram is a good platform to share your pictures and chit chat with your friends but when people start spreading fake information regarding any matter using these platforms, action should be taken. This time Instagram has decided to block any kind of hashtag that spreads misinformation about vaccines. Cracking down bad health information is very necessary as it can lead to various health hazards. Hashtags with vaccines misinformation not only build misinformation but also leads to certain disaster one can not think of.

Hashtags with Vaccines Misinformation are a Global Threat in 2019

When the hashtags having misinformation will be blocked, the search will not appear when the tag is clicked. This news was revealed by Instagram at a press conference in San Francisco. Instagram has taken this step wisely, as its parent company Facebook is already accused of helping with misinformation in different countries and in India, the situation got worsed due to it.

According to the platform, when people will search the term “vaccines”, it will turn up multiple posts and hashtags on anti-vax movement, Instagram is not the only company who has taken steps to reduce anti-health news as previously Facebook has also taken steps but it failed.

Due to this anti-vaccine trend on social media platforms, people are not choosing to vaccinate themselves and their children. It is a global threat in 2019 according to the Wrold Health organization. Due to misinformation, many parents believe that vaccines lead to autism which is totally wrong.

Moreover, the photo-sharing app, Instagram keeps on launching new features like other tech giants however some features are launched for social good. Now Instagram users will be able to donate through stories.

Fizza Atique

Fizza Atique is a Tech writer specializing in the intersection of tech and culture. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.
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