Instagram launches 3-second SuperZoom Videos

Instagram introduces a new feature called Superzoom, which is rolling out today on Android and iOS. This feature lets you create a Dramatic Chipmunk-style zoom with a single tap. Instagram launches 3-second SuperZoom Videos.

Instagram launches 3-second SuperZoom Videos

In order to use this feature, you just have to highlight the tool in the story camera, choose the front- or rear-facing camera, and then tap the button. If you tap the button once you will create a 3-second Superzoom. For creating a longer superzoom you can tap and hold. All Superzooms also include dramatic music to heighten the effect.

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Short-form videos have proven to be the lifeblood of the story format. Boomerangs in particular have gained a lot of popularity in Instagram stories. It transformed the still photos to bring a hint of motion just by adding a tiny loop.

Like Boomerangs, the new format might take a little experimentation to get right, since the clips are limited to three seconds at a time. But once you get the recording right, the three-second Superzoom videos are ripe for meme-making. All you have to do is that just train the camera on yourself and you can be your own Dramatic Chipmunk. Train it on a friend, an animal, or an inanimate object, and you can make any moment absurd.

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