Instagram’s New Feature To Geo-Restrict Content Is Under Testing

Instagram keeps on launching new features on and off for remaining in limelight. We all know that whenever Instagram plans to introduce any new feature, the Facebook-owned company tends to test them among a limited number of Instagram users beforehand. According to the latest reports, Instagram’s New Feature To Geo-Restrict Content is Under Testing. In order to test the feature, the social network has allowed a certain number of Insta users to geo-restrict their content.

Instagram’s New Feature Will Benefit the Businesses

The new feature will allow the Instagram users to individually select countries that are able to see their content. Thus, anyone living in a country that is not selected by the user will no longer be able to see content. The good part is that this feature is not only for regular posts. Moreover, the Instagram Users can geo-restrict their stories too as the Story Controls menu also includes the option.
Instagram's New Feature
Instagram is likely introducing this new feature with a focus on businesses. Most of the time, the business persons create multiple accounts in order to cater to audiences in different regions. However, by bringing geo-restrictions to Instagram, this may no longer be necessary.
In order to restrict your regular posts or stories in certain countries, all you will have to do is to select the countries individually. In order to do this, you will have to go to the “Advanced settings” option for regular posts and “Story Controls” option for the Insta Stories. After that, you will have to just tap the option of “Choose Locations” to select the countries. Only the selected countries will be able to see your content.
However, this feature is still under testing. We can hope that the Insta Users don’t have to wait too long to enjoy this feature.
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