Intel has Released Dual-bootable Android 4.2.2

Intel has Released Dual-bootable Android 4.2.2

Intel has always designed and built the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Intel has now just released an Intel-optimized build of Android 4.2.2, and best of all, it can now be run as a dual-boot OS alongside Windows 8.

Features of Android 4.2.2:
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  • The new code Android-IA is powered by Linux 3.8 kernel.
  • An interactive installer to support the installing for Android-IA beside Microsoft Windows 8 with dual-boot support.
  • Android-IA gives a good Android experience when using their open-source Intel Mesa Linux driver.
  • Support for signed kernel modules are also present in Android-IA.
  • It works as a unified installer for all platforms (excluding the except Samsung XE700t).
  • UEFI boot support. Gummiboot is also now used as the Android-IA bootloader instead of syslinux

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