A Basic Guide for International Passengers Carrying Mobile Phones to Pakistan

Complete Guide and FAQs for International Passengers/Travelers Bringing in Smartphones Along.

PTA will be blocking mobile devices that are “non-compliant”, after 1st December 2018. If you are an international traveler coming to Pakistan while carrying a mobile phone(s) with you for personal use, you might want to read this guide.

The purpose of this guide is to create awareness for all those who are traveling in and out of the country and to answer all the questions they might have about DIRBS, basically, what they need to do in order to keep using their mobile phones legally.

Starting with:

How many phones can an international Passenger bring in to Pakistan?

As per Government of Pakistan’s Law, an international passenger can bring in 5 (five) mobile phones per year to Pakistan for personal use.

What if you want to use an International SIM during your stay in Pakistan?

If you are planning to use an International SIM in your mobile phone, a SIM that isn’t provided by a Pakistani Mobile Operator, you do not need any sort of registration to do. You can freely use your international SIM during your stay.

What if you want to use a Local SIM?

For those international passengers, who plan to use a Local SIM, whether Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink or Warid, they need to register their Mobile Device IMEIs.

You can do that through:

  1. the online portal system
  2. kiosk facility provided at the Customs desk

(each process is explained below, keep reading!)

Carrying more than 1 (one) Phone along? Do you need to pay duties for all?

1 (One phone) will be exempted from taxes/duties, while for others you need to pay customs.

For example: If you are planning to bring 5 (five) mobile phones along for your personal use, you would need to pay duties and taxes for 4 (four) of them. As 1 (one) mobile phone will be exempted from the taxes. Clear?!

You can find out the taxes that you would have to pay at “Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan Calculator

Do you need to register a phone that you bought and already used here before leaving the country?

No, International Passengers carrying mobile devices that are already registered by PTA, do not need to go through the registration process.

How to register a phone that you are bringing into Pakistan for the first time?

It is very simple, follow these steps!

1) Find out the IMEI number of your Mobile Device

How to do that?
i. Dial *#06# from the dial pad of your device and note down each 15-digit IMEI (for dual SIM devices) supported by the device.
ii. If you have the box of your smartphone, the IMEI is printed on that.
iii. if your phone ran out of battery and you aren’t able to go through the code in order to find out the IMEI(s), also you do not have the box of the device along, you can simply remove the back cover/ battery of the phone, find and note your IMEI(s).

2) Registration at Arrival Airport:

Use Customs kiosk!

Submit your IMEI number(s) the one you copied, CNIC/ Passport/ NICOP number (whichever applicable) to Customs Officials and if you were to pay taxes for your device, pay them at the Customs kiosk at the time of Arrival for immediate registration of IMEI of your mobile device.

3) Registration via PTA online portal system:

What will you need?
CNIC/Passport/NICOP number and Customs Detention Document.

a) Firstly, you will need to declare your mobile device’s IMEI to Customs and pay taxes (if applicable). You will receive the Customs detention document.

b) Visit: https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/drs
Upload the Customs detention document that you received, you CNIC/ Passport/ NICOP number (whichever applicable).

(Note: duty/ taxes exemption for 1 device as per Customs laws will not be provided for such applicants).

That’s it, welcome to Naya Pakistan! 🙂

If you need to know more, we have more guides on DIRBS as well, check them out!

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  1. Hi, there is no calculator for I phone 5s 16 GB, that is used for more than 5 years including in Pakistan and now its been used in abroad so please let me know how I will have to pay if I will bring this phone with my other one

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