Internet Explorer is not Supported by Microsoft Anymore

Nearly four years ago, Microsoft destroyed Internet Explorer, preferring Edge as the new Windows 10 client. Internet Explorer has lived as a plumbing system for Windows and business compatibility. But Microsoft does not support it with new web standards.

From now on, in August 2021, Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer a year. The Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support IE 11 before that, from 30 November 2020. Microsoft 365 said that Outlook, OneDrive, Office 365, and more, will no longer be supported by IE 11.

Microsoft stated:

Although several users use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, for older web applications that have not been modernized a number of organizations still rely on Internet Explorer. Microsoft has tried several avenues to force companies to upgrade their older software applications.  Internet Explorer and its multiple accessibility modes have clearly become the easiest way to use it in the IT industry.

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The company stated that by utilizing Microsoft Edge, the customers would find the transfer so seamless as possible. There is no information on how to remove IE from Windows 10 itself. According to reports, companies can still access sites specifically created for the website. Microsoft has cleared that IE 11 is not gone and users will continue to run their legacy IE 11 applications and investments.

Microsoft is already building an Edge client edition of Chromium and will be accessible over the next few weeks for research. This is removed from Windows 10 so businesses can run Edge on Windows 7 or Windows 8. This will help businesses move away from Internet Explorer, but old web apps would also take years to completely get lost.

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