Internet Revolutionizing Pakistan

Reshaping Lives

The world’s revolution revolves around the wordINTERNET. without which it was impossible to dream the world as a Global Village it today has evolved into. However, there is far more potential yet to be discovered, cherished and benefited from.

How can the internet revolutionize Pakistan

The internet has the power to construct generations and tame people in the desired direction. Let’s have a look at the possibilities of the internet that can revolutionize Pakistan and open horizons of economic growth.

Pakistan is a country facing a number of problems. With unstable government policies, high fluctuating market trends, security concerns, energy crisis, unpredictable market and lack of facilities there is only little room left for
entrepreneurs to successfully establish and maintain a business setup. In such circumstances, job opportunities have also been squeezed. All of these and numerous other issues are waiting for a solution; which the internet is eminently capable of providing.


This is the biggest feature that the internet has brought. We all are familiar with this benefit of the internet but let’s view it from a different perspective today. What impacts does the internet have on different generations of our society being a source of entertainment?

For toddlers, it is a source to learn additional languages other than their mother tongue with all those fancy cartoons most of which may help mould a child’s personality in a positive and progressive manner. Apart from that, it provides temporary relief to the mothers by distracting the children for a while.

Internet Revolutionizing Pakistan
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For the youngsters, the Internet is a source to relieve their minds by engaging them with what they cherish, to get
connected, and learn what they are passionate about but couldn’t pursue as a career.
Moreover, it is a resource pack on a click, no need to purchase and burden yourselves with those extra books; all that you need is in there.

For the elderly, the internet is more of a blessing to escape time and space, fill in all their idol time. It is a world of entertainment and exposure for them. Moreover, a source to see their loved ones via screen and stay
connected. Elderly women tend to join food groups, share and try on recipes, and beauty hacks.
Hasn’t the internet just made the old age a lot more fun?

Lifestyle And Services

The internet is not just about social media and entertainment anymore; mobile applications have witnessed robust growth. You can find an application for everything, be it education, agriculture, banking, shopping, health, etc. You can find something for anything. Your bank has evolved into an App on your mobile phone, and transactions are as simple as a click.

The internet has dramatically brought a change in our lifestyle by bringing everything to one place. Apart from all the comforts, the internet has made accessible, there are several necessities that the internet provides us as well. For instance, paying bills and your children’s school fee on a click is not less of a blessing. Even picking up groceries has now become a simple affair with the internet

Helping Economy Build

Virtual education is yet another blessing in this speedy era to save travelling time, energy and cost.

The internet is the portal through which Pakistanis may attract foreign currency into the country. Freelancing, for
instance, can play a vital role in doing so.

Freelancing is the selling of digital skills online. Foreign employers prefer labour from underdeveloped countries due to the high-quality work they produce and the low wages they demand. All we need is to educate, aware and prepare individuals about all that can be done through the internet which means it is not only a platform to earn but to learn as well.

Moreover, as the market competition is very high in Pakistan and the profit generated is low; the internet can help
build business ties with other countries on an individual level.

In addition to the physical business setup, the internet has provided corporations with a virtual setup which proves to be an additional site to gather an audience and to increase sales. This is not only valuable as it also proves to be more profitable as your items are only a click away from the consumers and you becoming the owner of an international firm is made a lot easier. You may set up a virtual store only and sell your goods to the world through the internet, like Amazon.

Apart from selling your products and services online, you can buy from there too. Either it’s your favourite dress, a phone or even doing grocery, the internet has it all covered.

Empowering Women

Internet Revolutionizing Pakistan
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The internet is playing a vital role in empowering women in Pakistan. Apart from offering work-from-home and online business setups, the internet proves to be a weapon for women against all odds, insecurities, domestic violence and unjust they have been facing.

In this way, men may be tamed to remain in their limits, and women will gain the confidence to move in the society which will ultimately result in constructing a safer and equal society for women to live and grow in.

Political Transparency

Political transparency is the best thing that the internet can bring to Pakistan, as the system is corrupt, from elections to any work related to government offices. Once everything is on the internet, it will bring transparency and efficiency in all government dealings.

Blockchain technology doesn’t merely enable business transactions but can also bring transparency. In this way, every individual may keep a check on their government and every rupee spent can be kept under-consideration.

Uniting And Shaping Pakistan As One Society

The internet may also prove to be a uniting force or a tool to shape the minds of the individuals. It may be used to spread awareness, patriotism, word of law and educating people regarding certain subjects which may be too complex for the majority of the population to digest hence, providing an opportunity to learn and grow together. The internet may help bridge the differences between provinces and bring an end to the social isolation which prevails among them.

It will encourage intra-country trade, help cover the difference between developed and under-developed areas of
Pakistan and foster a more peaceful environment.

The internet brings an opportunity at every point for Pakistan to grow, learn and experience new horizons. And the day Pakistan gets fully adapted to its use, will be the day Pakistan; will stand as a progressive nation on the road of development and prosperity.

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Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.

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