Interview | Maham Naeem Dard, Director Corporate Affairs at Zong 4G

Zong, being the first international step of China Mobile, is presently the third largest telecom operator in Pakistan having 25 million cellular subscribers. Zong aims to empower the lives of Pakistanis with its innovative technology that keeps pace with latest evolving culture.

Interview | Maham Naeem Dard, Director Corporate Affairs at Zong 4G

A company cannot achieve its goals and secure its vision without a good leadership and when it comes to leadership skills, Zong has no doubt a well-competent hierarchy of officials. Dealing corporate affairs of any organization is in fact a huge responsibility as it manages and establishes the entire reputation of a company in the market. Similarly, Maham Naeem Dard, the Director Corporate Affairs at China Mobiles, is devotedly fulfilling the corporate duties in Zong.

In this exclusive interview with PhoneWorld team (PW), Maham Dard (MD) shared his insight on the telecom strategies and environment of Pakistan mobile sector

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