Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

OPPO, the Smartphone brand enjoyed by young people around the world, today launched OPPO F7 Youth. Lavishly crafted for young users to enjoy the beauty of technology, the Smartphone features highly rated AI Beauty 2.0 Technology as well as a Super Full Screen.

OPPO F7 Youth is available in two stunning colors: Sunrise Red and Diamond Black and will be available across country through offline stores, priced at Rs. 31,999.

Oppo F7 Youth Appears with AI Selfie Camera

Mr. George Long, CEO, OPPO Pakistan say,

“We are pleased to introduce the OPPO F7 Youth with a groundbreaking AI Beauty 2.0 Technology and super lavish full screen. With meticulous team work and industrious intelligence involved, OPPO strives for excellence and always satisfies technological necessities of its users. We provide the opportunity to experience the real beauty in you with OPPO F7 youth edition like never before”.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

New AI 2.0 Beauty Technology for selfies that capture the real you

OPPO understands that youths are fascinated with trends that express their individualities as they seek to live their own life. Beauty technology from OPPO, popularized by the F7 model, is already a hit with young consumers. Likewise, the same AI 2.0 Beauty Technology is included in F7 Youth, acting as a personal beauty artist to customize beauty based on your unique facial features so that your photos will “capture the real you”. AI 2.0 Beauty Technology captures 296 facial points and divides the face into zones to perform finer beauty enhancements. This helps to keep the details that highlight your distinctive features for a more realistic and natural effect.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

AI 2.0 can also analyze the age, gender, skin tone and skin type of the selfie subject to provide different beauty schemes according to the characteristics of different groups. When a young man takes a selfie, OPPO AI 2.0 will intelligently retain more of his facial features, and enrich details like beard and eyebrows. It also supports beautification for group selfies, perfecting many faces at once by applying the most appropriate beauty scheme to each face. Now, everyone is beautiful in their unique way.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

Also, OPPO F7 Youth aims to satisfy the need for photo editing and social sharing. It includes fun and exciting functions that allow youth to take various kinds of selfies. For example, F7 Youth comes with its own AR Sticker function and is immediately available for use without the need to download any app. At the same time, stickers are supported in both front and back photography as well as video recording, offering young users the most convenient and fun photography experience.

Also, OPPO F7 Youth has the intelligence to learn your post-editing preferences, giving you an in-depth, personal and customized beauty scheme each and every-time. For example, AI Album not only performs smart categorization of photos according to locations and subjects but also automatically generates photo albums for a more memorable experience.

“Art of Light” – a new Diamond black design that brings art as well as tech to young people

Young people like to be creative and independent, but the market is now dominated by mobile phones with metallic bodies and dull back panels. It can also be argued all phones look inevitably the same. With F7 Youth, OPPO decided to go beyond the monotonous design commonly seen in mobile phones to replicate the effect of levitating gems in 3D and create a distinctive appearance intended for the young.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

Several design challenges were overcame during the research process. OPPO designers revamped the design to build the phone using “art symmetry”, thus avoiding messy detail and patterns that cut off the camera and logo. A matched and consistent pattern is adopted at the edges for design resonance. Furthermore, the motif is scattered randomly but naturally to avoid cutting into the fingerprint module and the camera, and the cut surface enhances the glass feel with a more premium visual effect. The reflection at the back changes with different angles of light, producing an effect that is as exquisite as a diamond.

The back cover of F7 Youth uses a 12-layer nano meter scale optical coating composite material that is carefully polished and crafted to create a shiny and luxurious metallic luster at the back.

Also, our “bright polished frame” uses complex 7-layer processing where the unibody is first formed and then drilled. This strengthens the integrity of the wholesome look with exquisite details so that the touch and feel of the phone are significantly improved.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

Super Full Screen and Full Screen Multitasking for the most intuitive full screen experience

Arising in 2018, the Notch screen has become the mainstream configuration for mobile phones, but OPPO uncovered some pain points that young users have. When they are busy gaming, they are forced to sign out to reply to messages their friends have sent via social media channels. Or when they are deeply engrossed in team battles, a phone call destroys all their dreams of victory.

Now, the Super Full Screen together with Full Screen Multitasking in F7 Youth gives young people a more intuitive full screen experience. With the Full Screen Multitasking feature, users can continue to be immersed in their games, and at the same time, call out social media apps or answer their phone calls. While the 6-inch Full-HD screen has an 84.8% ultra-high screen ratio to provide not only a better view for videos and games, but it also, the most immersive experience ever.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

Powerful performance configuration that can satisfy the needs of young people

When it comes to mobile phone performance, the three key pain points for young people are system freezing, fast power consumption, and insufficient memory. F7 Youth is precisely built to address these three issues for the ultimate user experience. The processing speed is faster with the world’s first 12 nm AI CPU. Equipped with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM memory plus a 3410 mAh large battery for up to 15 hours of continuous usage, this can meet the storage and operating requirements of young heavy mobile users.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

New ColorOS 5.0 based on Android 8.1, smart AI system that understands young people

To improve comfort when using the phone, ColorOS 5.0 UI has been completely revamped to be more dynamic, whether it is in the overall colors, background or font design.

Introducing OPPO F7 Youth, the Lavish Super Full Screen and AI Beauty Smartphone for Youth

Overall, the feel of the system is greatly enhanced but it’s not just aesthetics, security in ColorOS 5.0 has also been improved.  The AI face unlock function can accurately identify 128 facial features to provide better security while you can use a passcode to protect your app to prevent access by strangers. Also, you can place your confidential files in a password protected Safe Box, hide selected apps from public view and safeguard your personal information from third-party apps for greater security.

About OPPO

OPPO is an ever-evolving global smartphone brand dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary experience through innovative technology, meticulous design and camera expertise.

For the last ten years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. OPPO was the first brand to launch smartphones with 16MP front cameras. OPPO was also the first brand to introduce the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology.

In line with its deep insight of young people’s behaviour, OPPO first launched selfie-focused smartphones in 2016 – Selfie Expert F series in Pakistan Its first batch of products received a warm welcome and the brand leads the trend in the industry. In 2016, OPPO was ranked as the number 4 smartphone brand globally, according to IDC. By now, OPPO provides excellent smartphone photography experience to more and more young people around the world.

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