iOS 11 Bug: Putting 1+2+3 in Calculator Results in 23

iOS 11 Bug: Putting 1+2+3 in Calculator Results in 23. A bug  in iOS 11 Calculator app has became a hot news these days. When calculations are entered in rapid succession, some symbols are ignored and that is because of the issues in calculator animation.

iOS 11 Bug: Putting 1+2+3 in Calculator Results in 23

You can also try it by typing 1+2+3 and then equal signs quickly into the Calculator app in iOS 11. Your result will more likely to be  23 or 24 than 6 due to animation lag. Same issue has been also noticed in some other calculations. Symbols do not register when tap so quickly. So it seems that bug is not in calculator app but there is issue in the animation. This major bug is more to do with animation in iOS 11.

Reddit user cplr describes the problem:

“Any iOS developers will see what is wrong here: the bug is that the animation that lights up the button is blocking touch events until the animation completes. This is the default behavior for animations, but to make an app feel responsive it’s best to find a way around that (it can be a one line fix, but sometimes it is complicated”

Though there are so many complaints on Reddit but this issue has been already discussed on MacRumors forums since iOS beta testing period.

It seems that Apple has the awareness of the this issue. Because the Apple employee Chris Espinosa tweeted that more than 70 people have filed a Radar report regarding the issue.

One another major issue in the iOS 11 is the battery life. It drains battery without any reason and the battery life is very short as compared to iOS 10.

Apple was once known for its high level of quality. But now the company have to struggle alot to maintain the same standards in the market. A bug in calculator app is not a simple slip in testing of iOS 11.

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