iOS 13.6 to come with a thrilling feature this month

It looks like iOS 13.6 with a game-changing iPhone feature that will be pretty popular among Apple users could be available in a few weeks’ time. But, before you use it, there is something you should consider.


It’s been just a couple weeks after iOS 13.5 plummeted with the ability to access the phone easily when wearing a mask. But it looks like Apple’s next operating system version, iOS 13.6, could be available in a couple of weeks with a game-changing feature that’s going to be quite popular among Apple users.

The second iOS update app 13.6 (formerly iOS 13.5.5) includes additional toggles enabling you to configure Automatic Updates. Currently all new apps must be updated in the meantime, and the Automated Updates function will be enabled.

But the ability to “Customize Automatic Notifications” will soon be available in your Settings under General > App Updates, in iOS 13.6. You can then decide whether to toggle on “Download iOS Updates” to download updates automatically via Wi-Fi, as shown on MacRumors. Another slider lets you turn on or off the “Install iOS Apps” feature, which will enable app updates automatically.


Nayab Khan

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