iOS 13 and iPadOS Are Out Now

The iOS 13 is available for iPads now.


Apple is going to release iPadOS today. This operating system is available out for all the compatible iPads. At first, it was decided that it will release on 30th September. However, the date shifted. The iPadOS is coming up with different features for the iPads. The most amazing feature is adding widgets to the home screen. Earlier, this feature was powered by Android devices. The widgets can be displayed among the app icons. Further, it allows customization as well. Now, the user can add widgets according to his own choice.

iPadOS Features

So, all of us are now aware of iOS 13 features. They include the updated version of Apple Maps, Reminders, Photos and none the less, the dark mode. This operating system is also having compatibility with PS4 and Xbox controller. Files app has also the latest version now and it allows a user to update the files easily. Moreover, Apple is adding Desktop Class browsing to Safari accompanied by its multitasking features.

iPadOS and Apple Devices

iPadOS is now available on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and all those iPad who have fifth-generation or more than that. Apple is also releasing its operating system iOS version 13.1 for the selected phones only. However, iOS 13 came out with some bugs. PUBG and the Fornite players are facing issues when they play a game with iOS 13.1in their phones.

How to update iPadOS?

iOS 13.1 or iPadOS from settings > general > software update.

Here is the shortcut to update the iOS version for your devices.

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