iPad Pro raises its bar to the higher end with mini-displays

Last September, a rumour emerged from Ming-Chi Kuo stating that by 2021, Apple would introduce mini-LED displays for their high-end iPad Pro and MacBooks. There have been a string of rumours about Apple products using mini-LEDs since then, along with forecasts of different release dates. The new report appeared in July suggesting that LG will be the mini-LED provider for the new iPad series. 

Kuo notes in the recent post that production problems at one of the suppliers have caused Apple to reduce mini-LED display shipments by 50 percent, which may explain why we may not see any other Apple products with a mini-LED display. 

Apple is the worldwide brand of consumer electronics with the highest bargaining power over manufacturers, “Kuo writes.” We agree that Apple leads the creation of most components and holds similar trademarks in order to identify new manufacturers and minimise sourcing risks and costs. There is no exception to Mini Lead Dies 

Apple seems to be using its vast market weight to diversify its emerging Mini LED supply chain with limited capital as a backdrop. Epistar remains a primary investor, and, when collaborating with the software giant, the company has developed a patented output management system, Kuo said. 

A recent Digitimes study today notes that “Smartwatches will be the first key trends for micro LEDs with volume adoption anticipated to take place 3-4 years from now,” confirming previous studies and surveys.

Importantly, Apple has just launched the latest iPad Air, which shares the iPad Pro line with many of the same attributes. A more efficient, modern iPad Pro with a mini-LED display might be just what people need to be inspired to hand out the Pro’s extra cash. 

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