iPadOS: Apple announces new iOS for iPad

Lately, Apple had announced the launch of new iPadOS in June at WorldWide Developer Conference. This new OS is specifically designed for the iPad with much more to offer. It is user friendly, simple while also make for a more productive and powerful use.

Here are the new features of iPadOS

New Home Screen

The changes started from the ‘Home Screen’ itself where you can pin or drag the widgets straight to the home screen of the iPad. That means you can get the instant access to the weather information, news, events or calenders. Now Apps are also being arranged in a tighter grid than before.

Multi-Window Apps

Time is Gold and in this fast paced world, everyone wants to make their time productive. With new iPadOS, users can use multi-window apps. Its an exciting feature for many Apple users, in other words you can have now access to more than one App at a time.

Slide Over

This is a great way to keep the all apps ready at one go. With this feature you can now keep multiple apps in slide over for smooth and swift switch between the Apps. You can press a button just like you do on the iPhone for the slide over and bring that App to the top of the display to make it full screen.

Mouse is supported

Convenience of mouse is also amazing feature who want to work for late on their iPad. While Apple didn’t announce this feature on the stage, however iPadOS now comes with USB mice support. When the mouse is plugged into the iPad, a cursor that looks similar to the button that shows up on the screen.

Everything that has been introduced in the all new iOS 13 is present in the new iPadOS too. A System Wide Dark Mode, Carplay is revamped, Better location and Maps and control persmission and the camera.

Nayab Khan

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