iPhone 11 is by far the most shipped phone in 2020

As the buzz about the next batch of Apple camp releases rises, it has revealed that the iPhone 11 in the first half of 2020 has been the most-shipped device. And that is not it, as there are also four other iPhone versions in the top 10 of  world rankings. 

According to ‘Omdia’s Smartphone Model Market Tracker – Q2’20 report’, Apple is said to have sent out 37.7 million iPhone 11 devices in the first half of this year. It is by far the single most popular smartphone model. 

iphone 11

Apple isn’t new to this type of popularity. Last year, most shipped smartphone was iPhone XR. That iPhone 11 shipped 10.8 million more units than last year’s No. 1 iPhone XR is an important fact because that means that apple has managed to beat the restrictions on Covid-19. 

The second most successful 2020 smartphone was Samsung’s Galaxy A51 (shipped with 11.4 million units), followed by Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8 (11 million units) and Redmi Note 8 Pro (10.2 million units). 

Several other phones, including the 2020 iPhone SE in fifth spot (8.7 million units shipped), followed by the iPhone XR (8 million units) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, also make the top 10 rankings 

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