iPhone 11 VS iPhone 12: iPhone 12 will Cost more than iPhone 11

Apple products are always in the news because all their new product launches with unique features. Some rumours about iPhone 11 VS iPhone 12 reveals that iPhone 12 were previously mentioned including its price, that is, $50 less than the iPhone 11. The expected price of the iPhone 12 was around $649, which is less than the iPhone 11. But this news seems unbelievable because all the new models of the iPhone come up with new features, setting up the ground for other brands to follow. Moreover, a report claims that the starting price of the iPhone 12 will be between $700 and $750.

The latest news from China says that Apple cannot afford this starting price because it has to feature 5G connectivity. There is a possibility that Apple might build its processors, but still, it requires 5G antennas and a 5G modem from Qualcomm. This eventually increases the price of a mobile phone.

iPhone 11 VS iPhone 12: iPhone 12 will cost more than iPhone 11


According to the latest reports, Apple has found ways to reduce the cost of 5G connectivity and keep the phone’s starting cost as cheap as possible. Many reports stated that the iPhone 12 series will be the 1st iPhone that will come without free EarPods and chargers in its box. Apple has already started this practice with its latest watch models. Apple has announced that all the new Apple watches will be shipped without a USB charger.

Furthermore, Apple is selling this decision as an environment-friendly move. Apple says that many of its users will not require extra EarPods and free Chargers in the iPhone box.
All these new cost-saving measures allow Apple to save some money; it also includes a new battery design.

Still, the iPhone 12 cannot afford its starting price to be $700 because of its OLED display screen and 5G connectivity feature. According to Weibo tipster, GizChina suggests that the iPhone 12 may start for $749-$750. Apple is hoping to sell 80 million iPhone 12 this year, but that seems impossible. Moreover, some reporters claim that Apple distributors will not fulfil the production target of 80 million iPhone 12 units.

Apple has launched its A14 chip that is used in the latest iPhone 12. We have heard from multiple sources that iPhone 12 has no notable upgrades as compared to iPhone 11. iPhone 12 is expected to offer a LiDar sensor in it, but it seems that potential buyers are not that excited about this new launch.

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