iPhone 12 Digital Cam Module can’t be swapped with another Apple Device

An iPhone 12 reparability test performed by iFixit says that the digicam module on the latest Apple device offering is not exchangeable. That means if the iPhone 12 digital cam module is shifted to another iPhone 12 device, then it turns fully unusable. According to iFixit, Apple is also looking arduous on third-party technician repairs with this iPhone 12 camera issue.

Furthermore, Apple’s internal training guide accessed by iFixit says that it is not a hardware problem; it is a software adjustment that Apple may have deliberately or intentionally introduced. Besides this, the guide told expert technicians that they have to run Apple’s proprietary cloud-linked system setup app to the full repair displays and cameras on iPhone 12 and its other phones.

iPhone 12 Digital Cam Module can’t be swapped with another Apple Device

Moreover, iFixit says in its latest report that when iPhone 12 camera is swapped with another iPhone12 phone, it does not work at all. The report describes that it seems to work at first, but then “fails miserably in actual use.” After swapping the camera with other iPhones, the camera only responds to some specific modes, refuses to switch to an ultra-wide mode, crashes sometimes, and then becomes fully unresponsive on certain events.

Many technicians were saying that maybe this behaviour would not get repeated if the iPhone 12 pro cameras are swapped, but this also appears to be affecting the items of the iPhone 12. According to reports, this is maybe a software program defect that Apple has unintentionally launched, and a solution can be deployed now as the issue is out.

However, given the Giant technology company’s general discouragement towards its devices with 3rd party experts, this small adjustment – if launched unintentionally, wouldn’t come as a big shock. Although, iFixit dug into Apple’s official internal coaching standards for iPhone 12. It explicitly tells experts that starting with iPhone 12, they may need to run Apple’s proprietary cloud-linked System Configuration app to restore its cameras and screens.

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