iPhone 12 plans to Bring the Best Feature of Huawei P20 Pro

If you want extra cameras in your IPhone then here is the good news for you. Next year, in 2019, Apple plans to release IPhone 12 in which extra camera will be present on the back of your handset.

Taiwanese publication report said that IPhone 12 or iPhone XII will use the third camera to enhance the camera performance of their handset. This news was roamed by the supply chain management team, however, there is no official news from the company or development team.

But the news said that iPhone will have to enhance six element lens with optical image steadiness and will have 5X zoom integration. Now this will be more optical and there is less factor of image quality loss.

IPhone 12 and best feature of Huawei P20 Pro – Game changer

Nevertheless, Huawei P20 Pro act as the gamer changer for other competitors, new Huawei have the best camera results and iPhone 12 aims to do the same:

  • Optical camera result 3X zoom
  • Night mode work excellent in low light
  • Cunning, if destructive, Artificial Intelligence scene modes

However, Huawei P20 Pro has installed three cameras at the back of their cell phone.

Based on the enactment other market competitor have set up their labs and started cloning of Huawei new features for the enhancing the performance of their handsets. Similarly, Apple is planning and working on the next model IPhone 12 to be released with same – extra camera.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, Apple will use triple sensor camera in their new iPhone 12. Imagine how much this will enhance the camera results?

IPhone always use the camera feature as their plus point to sell their smartphones. However, the biggest question of this whole conversation is that if iPhone will be able to use the triple sensor for their camera and if this will be successful or not? What are your thoughts?

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