iPhone 12 Users can Enjoy Dual SIM 5G Support with iOS 14.5 Update

There is a new iOS update in the town that has come along with new features and people having 5G compatible devices should be very excited about it. iOS 14.5 update has come with a special feature for iPhone 12 users that gives users 5G connectivity in Dual SIM mode.

Dual SIM 5G confirmation from Apple

The new iPhone models give people the ability to load two phone numbers at once. Till now, doing this on iPhone 12, users were restricted to 4G LTE when using two sim cards even if they were 5G Compatible. The new update lets you enjoy 5G connectivity simultaneously on both lines.

iPhone 12 Users can Enjoy Dual SIM 5G Support with iOS 14.5 Update

Moreover, in the new update, Apple has improved the iPhone 12’s Smart Data Mode. It is hidden in the settings menu and upon enabling it, it automatically switches the phone between 5G and LTE keeping in view the better service availability at the respective time.  With this feature, the device gets better battery life and performance than before.  While these changes are not 5G Game winners but dual SIM Support will make people’s lives easier than before.

Moreover, iOS 14.5 has come up with more exciting features. Now users can unlock their iPhone with Apple Watch if wearing a mask. Another major new feature is App Tracking Transparency, which lets you restrict which apps can track your activity. Last but not the least, iOS 14.5 also adds support for AirTag, so now users can track the hardware features that let them track AirTag devices.

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