Is Facebook’s Latest Venture a Threat to Tik-Tok?

Last week Facebook announced the formation of a New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, which will be supervised by former Google employee, Jason Toff who previously served as General Manager of Twitter’s famous short-video sharing platform Vine, thus sparking rumors about whether or not Facebook is gearing up to develop a competitor for Tik-Tok, a rapidly growing video sharing platform boasting over 344 million users. The latest facebook’s venture could be a threat to Tik-Tok.

Is Facebook’s Latest Venture a Threat to Tik-Tok?

“I suppose it’s a good time to share what I’m up to next! In two weeks, I’ll be joining Facebook as a PM Director starting up a new initiative under the recently formed NPE team,” is what Toff revealed on Monday and while he did say that he could not divulge any further details his post also served as a call to hire UX Designers and engineers.

Toff had previously worked on Virtual Reality (VR) projects at Google as well as their in house Area 120 incubator and this seems to coincide with Facebook’s vision for the NPE team to develop experimental apps for their consumers, particularly those who are still not as involved with their brand.

“NPE Team apps will be aligned with Facebook’s mission of giving people the power to build community but will focus on shipping entirely new experiences. We decided to use this separate brand name to help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very rapidly and will be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people,” Facebook said.

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