Is Pakistan Tackling its Air Pollution?

Lahore is choking on smog and because of that many of 11 million residents are suffering from headaches and eyes burning. On some days Lahore has the worst air quality in the World. The main reason for the smog is smoke from brick kilns and factories. Also, smog is coming from farmers burning crop stubble and from vehicle exhausts.

Is Pakistan Tackling its Air Pollution?

Pakistan has seen the World’s steepest rise in air pollution level since 2010. However, now Government is taking this issue so serious and is tackling Lahore’s dirty air. It is issuing fines for brick kilns that use dirty fuel, such as burning tires and also offering loans to switch to cleaner energy.

The Government has closed overwinters in 12 districts including Lahore and also fined farmers to burn corp stubble. It is also planting trees in urban areas and considering higher emissions standards for road vehicles.

Almost 7 million deaths are caused by air pollution around the World. 91% of them are in low and middle-income countries. It is also linked to asthma, lung, cancer and heart diseases.

It is time for the Government to declare a public health emergency. The air is full of dust and pollutants that are causing health issues such as asthma, lung damage, bronchial infections, and heart problems.

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