Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

What is Creativity? There can be a diversity of meanings to explain and define it, but the core feeling about this word is to have a unique way of expressing your thoughts and imaginations to make something original and new.

Creativity is being observed as the opposite of laws and disciplines which are supported by facts and logic. It’s not true! However, it’s generally believed that Creativity is required from artistic fields only and not from scientific fields. There is a misconception that science and machinery are limited to a pre-defined set of rules and laws, whereas Creativity is an unpredictable and self-made idea. With this developed concept, people fear that Creativity is limited by the increased dependence on technology.

Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

A very strong point that ignites the discussion regarding this topic is about kids and adults using their phones and other screens, lacking imaginative activities and creative thinking. The fear is undoubtedly true; most of the children and adults use screens to fill their idle time with the tempting developed interest in smart devices.

 While looking on the other side, technology should be sensed as a new medium of Creativity, neither a machine to supply information only. Do not ignore the fact that children these days have more media consumption than preceding generations. A very healthy percentage of children and adults use technology to improve their educational and professional careers. Our major concern is to avoid excessive use of social media and entertainment activities rather than blaming technology. As excessive use of anything can be bad. Instead of getting worried and annoyed at kids, encourage them to perform something they usually don’t do.

Creativity may seem to be different now, but we need to remember that in this rapidly improving and technologically advanced world we should prepare ourselves and our children for the digital future. 

 Do not think of Technology; limiting Creativity, think of it as Technology; Redefining Creativity. 

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