ISI Detects Major Cyber Attack Planned by Indian Intelligence

Yesterday, the public of Pakistan was shocked when Inter-Services Public Relations disclosed that a major cyber-attack planned by Indian intelligence agencies has been identified by the country’s intelligence agencies and numerous targets of this cyber attack are being investigated.

ISI Detects Major Cyber Attack Planned by Indian Intelligence

In a statement, ISPR further asserted that an advisory is being sent to all government departments and institutions to identify lapses and intensify cyber-security measures in place. Indian intelligence agencies are involved in a number of cyber-crimes which include cunning fabrication by hacking personal mobiles and technical gadgets of government officials and military personnel.

In recent times, Indian hackers repeatedly tried to hack numerous Pakistani websites including those of the government and financial institutions.

The last significant cyber-attack reported in 2018 when several banks were targetted. In that attack, BankIslami lost nearly Rs2.6 million, while the international financial system reported the robbery to the tune of $6 million (Rs795 million).

A study group on IT and Telecom had previously warned of the growing threat of cyber terrorism and the need for cyber-security aimed at the safety of services and infrastructure in the country.

The expert group further maintained that the expanding cyber-space, increasing prevalence, and severity of cyber-attacks are posing a serious threat to our economy and national security and stated that,

We should have both a military as well as a civilian cyber command to cope with the growing cyber-security threats. To ensure individual privacy and security from cyber-attackers, we must act now.

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