Islamabad Excise Department Launches E-Tagging Service to Minimize Car Theft Incidents

Recently, it has been reported that the number of car theft incidents along with plundering cases have sharply risen in the capital city of Islamabad. Due to the increase in such incidents, the Islamabad Excise and Taxation department has decided to issue E-Tags for every vehicle. Each E-Tag will carry a coded identification number that the driver can paste on the windshield or number plate of the vehicle.

Islamabad Excise Department Launches E-Tagging Service to Minimize Car Theft Incidents

According to a source, the exact identification number must be stored in the department’s database, to which, the identification number on the e-Tag would be synced. The E-Tags would assist the department in identifying and searching for the stolen cars with the help of a Radio Frequency Identification System.

The Director of Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad Bilal Azam stated,

In the future, the department shall also issue an E-Tag along with the vehicle’s number plate, which will be stamped either onto the windshield or the number plate itself. The Tag shall entail the complete information. The Road checking teams shall be given the RFID readers. These devices shall help verify the complete information of the vehicle as it passes through the check-post, as to whether or not the taxes of the vehicle has been paid for or if the car is genuine or not. Furthermore, if there is any update made in the vehicle information in the database, the same update would automatically be synced with the RFID number.

Furthermore, the director told that this development is another essential step towards the Digital Pakistan initiative and that it will not only decrease vehicle theft but also assist the department in generating capital.

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