IT Ministry to Develop Surveillance System to Prevent Terrorism

With the growing terrorism in Pakistan several measures are taken to eradicate it completely. Such as IT Ministry to Develop Surveillance System to Prevent Terrorism. Information Technology and Telecommunications Ministry plans to develop and automatic surveillance system for video streams. This surveillance system will provide great support to law enforcement agencies. The upcoming video streaming system will definitely help in capturing culprits hence preventing terrorism.

The basic purpose behind the surveillance project is to monitor crowd, restricted access points and observing the re-occurrence of certain person.

IT Ministry to Develop Surveillance System to Prevent Terrorism

Video surveillance is very common these days. Such type of surveillance is increasing all over the world. In UK there are 4.2 million hidden TV cameras installed i.e. one for every 14 people.

National ICT Fund is funding this project which will cost Rs 26.62 million. The principal investigator’s organisation (PIO) is Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science and UET Lahore. This project will be completed by August next year.

This project works according to the phenomenon of visual scenes based on high level features present in videos. By extracting high level features i.e; age,gender.emotions etc, one can easily obtain interpretation of video stream.

The video surveillance procedure is common is Pakistan. A huge amount of data is extracted by cameras. But this surveillance project will make meaningful use of this data. According to this project surveillance cameras will be installed in security sensitive areas. These camera will capture all day video. Automatic understanding of these videos will be made via image processing method. The textual description of video sequence will be generated using natural processing.

The best thing about this surveillance project is that it will summarize all the video and will provide the most relevant data. In such case any wrong activity happening will be instantly told by this system.

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