ITU’s “Connect 2020” Targets to Connect 60% of Population Across the Globe

According to the recent report of “State Of Broadband 2016” there exists a fundamental division between connected and unconnected world. United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) says this division is indeed a point of worry. ITU’s “Connect 2020” Targets to Connect 60% of Population Across the Globe.

More than half of the population is unable to avail internet opportunity due to high broadband cost and inaccessibility. The report also lightens the point that out of total, 3.5 billion people don’t have domestic or mobile internet. This problem is basically common in women, aged lot and uneducated people.

ITU’s “Connect 2020” Targets to Connect 60% of Population Across the Globe

ITU emphasizes to bring all people together on one internet platform to promote equal opportunity regarding usage of technology. In this way more number of people will be able to participate in digital economy and access to internet at work place and education sectors etc.

The ITU’s  “Connect 2020” targets to connect 60 percent of total population to be online which is actually increase of 1.2 billion people within four years. There are certain hurdles in achieving these goals which includes high rates of internet broadband packages. Cost of fixed broadband has lowered in past years but still its near to unaffordable for poor countries.

According to revealed stats in 2008 average price for basic broadband connection around world was $80 which decreased to $25 within an year. In poor countries fixed broadband package with one giga byte of data costs more than half of average annual salary. Another alternate of Internet broadband is Mobile broadband which is the only solution available.

According to the report:

In 2016 people no longer go online, they are online, Yet many people are still not using the internet, and many users do not fully benefit from its potential.

3.9 billion people offline is a large number. Underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria collectively contributing to 55% of the world’s offline population.

Steps To Increase Internet Usage:

Tech giant Facebook has collaborated with French satellite Eutelsat to expand connectivity with Africa. They have goals of powering satellite technologies to get more Africans online. According to agreement, the capacity will be shared between Eutelsat and Facebook. They will each deploy internet services designed to meet rising demand for connectivity for most of users in Africa.

Facebook is building solar-powered drones which will fly for months at a time above remote regions, beaming down an internet connection. To incorporate this Facebook has purchased British business called Ascenta. It specializes in solar powered drones.

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